• Regulation is needed

    More regulation on the markets is needed and nothing proved that more than the last financial collapse from a few years back, which was heavily caused by the incredible lack of regulation and foresight that the government had in allowing banks to profit while the rest of the country suffered.

  • I would never vote for a fiscla liberal

    I would never vote for a fiscal liberal. Our deficits and taxes are already at an all-time high. More people are on food stamps and public assistance than ever before. We cannot afford the current level of spending and need to decrease entitlements and social services. A fiscal liberal will expand these things and speed up our collapse.

  • No, I would not

    I am republican and support bigger business over social programs. I don't support or like controlling countries that are based on fiscally liberal ideas. Its up to the country to turn things around and social programs are not going to do that. The more government spends the more we lose in the long run.

  • They are destroying our economy.

    No, I would not vote for political candidates who are fiscally liberal, because their policies do not help the economy. With their financial policies, people have more incentive to have kids, rather than to delay having children and work. People have no incentive to save money, because then they cannot get food stamps. Fiscal liberalism does not work

  • No, I wouldn't vote for a fiscally liberal candidate.

    I think that politicians who are fiscally liberal are a great determent to the quality of the term "capitalism". I think politicians who tend to be fiscally liberal tend to think that we need to think a lot more socially when it comes to the economy and how the money is spent.

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