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  • I did this!

    I was the 1970's Amanda Todd in my small Southern Hometown. I was bullied, made fun of, lied about, and I never had a moments privacy!! I think my experiences would be a pretty good view of the negative side of fame. Many actresses and politicians deal with smears on their reputation for no reason, and I really think it was bad for me. I had three boys in my neighborhood who did things to me, no, four, if you count the guy who deliberately ran over my dog. So, I understand their pain when they need privacy and need to feel safe. I'll always respect that.

  • Growing up is hard enough already.

    No, I would not want to grow up in the public eye. Growing up is hard enough and I cannot imagine the criticisms that some young famous people endure. Not only would I not want to grow up in the public eye, I would not want to live in the public eye at all, even as an adult. The public eye is much too discerning and I think it would promote much stress in life.

  • NO I wouldn't want to grow up in the public eye.

    It would be extremely stressful. Every action I engage in would be judged. I don't think I would want people looking at me all the time, wondering what my next step is. I think that the pressure would get to me and I don't know how much of it I would be able to take.

  • Definitely not

    It would be way too much pressure to grow up in the public eye. It would end up being an entire lifetime of having your every move scrutinized, written about, criticized, and idealized. Even adults find that kind of publicity daunting and detrimental, to put it on a child would be even worse.

  • I Would Not Want To

    I would not want to grow up in the public eye. Being famous or known for something is not something that is appealing to me. People do not know when to stop and could care less about your privacy. I see paparazzi going too far all the time. That lifestyle is not appealing to me.

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