Would you warn young people about the cause of Heath Ledger's death?

  • Yes, all these celebrity deaths warn of drug abuse.

    Today more than ever it seems as if young people are copying the acts of the celebrities they like. So to have so many celebrities die at a relatively young age from drug overdoses or from the effects of drug over usage is definitely a warning that should be made to young people.

  • Young people should be warned about prescription drug overdose, the cause of Heath Ledger's death.

    Accidental overdose of prescription medications is a preventable cause of death, and therefore young people should be educated about it. Many people, both young and old, are unaware of the dangers of mixing prescription medications. Young people are especially vulnerable because they sometimes feel they are invincible and nothing will hurt them. Education is the key to preventing accidental overdose and thus, it is critical to educate young people about the cause of Heath Ledger's death.

  • Yes, drug overdose is a big problem in my country, the United States.

    Heath Ledger's death, while unfortunate and untimely, was caused by a very preventable ailment; that is, drug overdose. Drug abuse resistance education needs to be bumped up in funding if the war on drugs is to be won by the side of the middle class American household, and not by the gangs and dealers who thrive on destroying human life.

  • I would warn them about the pitfalls of addiction.

    What else can you say about the death of Heath Ledger? Drugs are bad, mkay? Addiction is a terrible thing, and his death should be taken as a warning that no matter how successful you are, no matter your race or anything else, it can strike you, too. Fame and riches don't make everything better.

  • They need to be careful.

    Yes, I would warn young people about the cause of Heath Ledger's death, so that they can learn how to avoid similar catastrophe. Ledger's death provides an all-too common warning against the dangers of prescription substance and other substance abuse. Ledger's death was completely preventable. Young people can take notice and can avoid a similar ending.

  • No, I would not use Heath's case as a warning against drugs. Addiction or abuse.

    No because we don't have all the facts.
    Just because we read what is printed online and in tabloids that does not mean we know what happened to Heath.
    The meds he was on were all in his stomach, in other words he was not getting high. You have to snort or inject the pills he was taking to get a high,. He took them at the prescribed dose and some were even under the amount he should have had in his system. All legally obtained through real doctors who were not charged with any wrong doing.All at the prescribed dose. This was a mistake made by a man who had health issues, not a drug addict. The media tries to lump Heath in with other over doses but it just does not fit.
    He has a fancy loft apt with 3 kitchens all decorated to perfection yet he slept on a mattress on the floor? He was taking sedative type medications. Sedative meds are not always used for anxiety. Like most meds they have various uses.
    Hmmm, any docotor can put that together and realize Mr Ledger had a chronic health issue. He got sick and had back pain (This is all documented) .
    The only reason it was called drug abuse is because he took meds that are not commonly given together. The word addict was NEVER used by the coroner. Death is a public event in NYC so most info can be released to the public however anything else that was going on health-wise but did not directly lead to a persons death can be held back and kept private.
    I firmly believe heath had a chronic illness. Then injured his back and caught a pneumonia type cold. His regular meds and the back pain meds along with over the counter cold/flu medication which BTW has the same ingredients as over the counter insomnia medication, gravol etc had the same side effets and this is what he got to much of. Not drugs themselves but the side effects. Depressing his respiratory system. Some of the drugs were in a time release form and he may not have realized there was enough left over in his system. So a warning about knowing your medications yes but not a talk about drug abuse. His autopsy report was public. Not to mention all the co-workers, family and friends that were with him right before he died told officials too bad more people don't pay attention to facts. He was famous and rich so he had to be getting high right? Now that right there is what I would talk to kids about gossip and judging people, especially ones you never met. Our society is obsessed with this and its just stupid.

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