Would you watch a Lego movie done with real Lego bricks instead of computer animation?

  • It sounds very innovative

    While the Lego move performed with computer animation was critically acclaimed, it would be fantastic to see an entire movie constructed around real Lego creations. While the manpower would be intensive in such a project the overall result would be worth it as nothing comparable has ever been attempted before. The curiosity factor alone would make it very popular.

  • Yes, I would watch

    Going back to old school movie making would be cool. I enjoy the extraordinary computer animation that is available in today's movies, but there is something very appealing about using traditional techniques too. Of course, using Lego bricks would be very unique while still using physical objects to create the set and character.

  • I wouldn't mind it

    I wouldn't mind it but it would look a bit sketchy and confusing and not as good as animated but i would still love to see those, it probably would take over a year to make the movie. (filling the blanks) sdfsfgdfgdfgfdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgffdgfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fdggggfd vgfd gfd gfd gfdg dfg dfg dfg dfg fdgdf gdfg d

  • I don't think a Lego movie with real Lego bricks would be as entertaining as the movie done with computer animation, so I do not think I would go see it.

    As much as I like to believe that "traditional is better", in the area of movies, I personally love animated films and go to see them every chance I get. I saw The Lego Movie and absolutely loved it, so if a "real life" version was made, I do not think I would enjoy it as much. I would not go see a "real life" version of The Lego Movie.

  • Why give up characterization for accuracy?

    The movies I have seen so far have made excellent use of technology to create interesting stories and fun characters. If Lego is looking to improve it should look into improving its product and then reflecting that in continuing movies with the same technology, not in going backward where we would lose a lot of the details that have been so much fun.

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