Would you watch a TV show based on the comic 'Preacher'?

  • If the show were good yes.

    I will watch almost anything as long as it is well made and enjoyable. While I am not entirely familiar with the comic 'Preacher,' I would be more than willing to give the show a shot. If the show turned out good I would likely look more into the comic, which would be good for the author.

  • Yes I would.

    I would watch a TV show on the comic Preacher. I think that the comic was done really well, plus it is always fantastic to see our comics come to life into a TV show. I really enjoy seeing cartoon characters come to life as real people and see how the graphics handle it.

  • Give it a chance

    People have to give it a chance. People have been very averse to comic book related media in the past, something that has largely been overcome today - especially with the incredible succeses of the Batman movies and the Marvel Universe movies. I would give the Preacher TV show a chance.

  • Yes could be interesting

    Yes I would watch a television show based on the comic Preacher. The plot of Preacher is quite interesting. However, I would not want the television show to be in comic form or anything like the comic. I would want it to be a normal show but based off the story in the comic.

  • If it clean.

    Yes, I would watch a TV show based on the comic Preacher, because comedy about church could be funny. It is true that church has some stereotypes as well as comical things that happen based on church culture. Those of us who have grown up in that would enjoy reliving it in a comedic way.

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