Would you watch the Godzilla movie that comes out in 2014?

Asked by: MisterNioMan
  • Does that make Godzilla gay?

    So Godzilla is coming out in 2014. I kind of suspected it. Didn't he run through the streets of New York with no pants on? Maybe there were other clues. Are his parents supportive? Will he grab, not Faye Ray, but rather Ray Faye? When did he first suspect he was different?

  • No im not gonna watch a Gay Godzilla

    If Godzilla comes out of the closet in 2014 and goes to San Francisco, then why would ANYONE want to see it? If I wanted to watch a movie about a creepy reptile looking thing overcoming its looks to find true love in a world that doesnt condone it, id watch Sex and the City 2.

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