• As long as I'm mentally sound, yes

    Assuming that I don't have dementia or a chronic painful illness, am mentally sound, and that my loved ones are with me, I would like to live to 100. If I am not a strain on my family, it would be amazing to see and reflect on how much the world has changed.

  • Would Love to See Three Centuries

    I was born in 1975 and I would love to see 2100 and turn 125. That's assuming that nutritional science and medical science advances in the next 80 years to prolong life in addition to improving the quality of life. I would love to be more than 100 years old so long as I'm not sitting on my butt doing nothing!

  • I'd love to live to 100 and beyond.

    The reason I want to live to 100 or more is because there are so many things in the future that I want to see. For example, it might be possible that we achieve star travel within the next 50 years. And, with new technologies and medicines being developed year by year, it's possible that we could be very healthy at the age of 100.

  • I Would Love It

    I certainly would wish to be a 100 years old. I hope I am able to survive that long as my parents are getting quite close and I'd love for them to be around that long as well. I think it will be more and more common for people to reach the age of 100, as medical services are more widely available.

  • Not really, no

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  • No I wouldn't.

    It would be nice to live a long healthy life, but in retrospect I do not want to live to be 100 years old. I would have seen so many people that I love and care about move on and I would feel alone in the world. I want to be with my family and friends.

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