• Yes,I would work for Lyft.

    Yes,I would work for Lyft. I think the job market is hard and i would take the job if i had the opportunity. I feel that some people in the public are being a bit unfair to the company. I feel that they are a good company with allot of great opportunities.

  • No,I would not

    In this day and age I would be afraid for my safety. I would be worried that I would get robbed or worst, I don't feel it is a very safe job to have. You never know who you are picking up and I would not be comfortable working there.

  • Too Many Legal Issues

    I would think that working for a company like that would be neat if I liked driving. I would always be worried about losing my job because of all of the cease to operate letters they keep receiving from each state that they have opened operations in. I wouldn't want to have a job like that hanging in the balance and not knowing if I would be able to continue to work or not. Plus, it seems they continue to operate illegally, so I would not want to risk being arrested either.

  • I don't see why not.

    Why can't drivers work for both Uber and Lyft? I don't understand that. You wouldn't let your boss follow you around and tell you how to spend your free time, so why is it okay to let them tell you how you can make money? Uber has too much power in NYC, and it's pretty clear officials are corrupted by lobbyists.

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