Wouldn't it be better if we had an independent in office?

Asked by: b.leighanne
  • The two party majority disables our system of checks and balances.

    The branches of our government have been made nonfunctional since the individuals that make them up are operating on party lines. If the executive branch and the house our congress of the legislative branch are controlled by the same party that branch loses its functionality. The different branches are there to check the others and oppose them if necessary how can it do that when a branch gets orders from another.

  • Infinity better, yes.

    Both sides are owned by lobbyists and campaign financiers, etc. etc. An independent wouldn't have to wrestle with his pockets every time he wanted to pass something, and he might actually do something about the real issues: NSA, money in politics, environmentalism, oil, terror, excessive gov't powers and so on.

  • Our nation's leader wouldn't be on one side of all the important political issues in our country.

    If we had the possibility to have everyone be okay with both sides of the coin, many arguments would cease and may even prevent murders. George Washington actually said that having a two-party system will ultimately destroy our country. He was very right. It will be destroyed if we don't stop splitting all of our issues in half.

  • Depends which branch

    In the legislature, the lower house should definitely have parties, but should be by proportional representation, IMHO. Parties allow voters to know what policies they stand for without having to deeply research every single candidate (many don't). For the executive, I would say make them independent administrators. Majority leaders in Senate & House can direct policy, president can handle administrative duties, similar to a city-manager in a council-manager system.

  • I think you need to be more specific

    It would be better if it was a competent politician , for example i am a libertarian and I would love to see more of their influence in the white house. However there are some really bad ones out there that I would not vote for. So I would like to see a good one

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