Wouldn't it just be easier on everyone for immigrants to come to America the proper, legal way?

Asked by: Tes95
  • Yes, it Would.

    Of course it would be easier for everyone if every immigrant entered the United States in a legal fashion. The problem is that many people in this world would rather take shortcuts and find ways to cut corners. Because of this, we have our illegal immigration problem, that's for sure.

  • Yes, proper immigration to America is preferred.

    Immigration to the United States done properly could be a benefit to most of those who are involved in the process. The folks coming into the country would not have to break laws to gain entry. Those coming in would receive more respect to those already here. The country would be stronger for this method.

  • America Needs to Improve the Legal Immigration Process

    There is a false debate in America over illegal immigration. This debate ignores the root cause of the identified problem. The true problem is not illegal immigration. The true problem is the time, cost and struggle to immigrate to the US legally. If our legal immigration system were modernized to operate in an efficient manner we could let in those that did not have criminal intent through the proper avenues. There would then be no argument except from extremists on either side about enforcing our laws to protect US sovereignty.

  • Illegal immigration has a simple solution: just do it the right way! The lawful immigrant both faces and causes less problems in America.

    One of the most difficult parts about immigrating is filing the right paperwork. It is a commitment, yes, but so is moving to the US! In fact, I'm sure that illegal aliens face the constant threat of being deported, and often have trouble settling without a social security number. Imagine being an employer near the border, where it must be mandatory that all suspiciously colored people carry documentation of citizenship in their wallets!

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