• Your Arguments are Invalid

    On the basis of "wrestling is linked to violence":
    -This is a subjective argument, as it is stated in correlational psychological studies that CORRELATION DOES NOT CONCLUDE CAUSATION!!

    "Wrestling doesn't bring in revenue":
    -Uninformed and completely false. In a report by adweek.Com, wrestling was reported to have been viewed by 61% of total Olympic spectators in the 2016 Rio Olympics, compared to the gymnastics 88%. Views indirectly generate revenue based on ads and sponsorships.
    -Another point to ponder: USA Wrestling, a federally recognized but NOT FEDERALLY FUNDED federation, brought in enough revenue to sustain the sport and athlete training as well as pay 2016 Rio Men's 97kg Gold Medalist $250,000 on top of his $50,000 earnings from the 2015 World Championships.

    "Wrestling doesn't promote Gender Equality"
    -Again, totally subjective. Not an ideal statement to make a case off of. However, It should be known that wrestling, on the youth and high school level, is inclusive and co-ed. I have had personal experience wrestling in high school and sharing the mat with both boys and girl(s). From tournaments to practices, girls were present; actively participating in the sport. I know, it is best to remove myself for the sake of argumentation, but I feel it was best to add this part for the sake of ethics.

    In all, the argumentative points I've read about why Wrestling should be excluded from the Olympics are either subjective or uninformed. This is coming from a wrestler - just in case you thought we were all dumb, sweaty, cauliflower-eared jocks :)

  • I wrestle with farrington

    W r e s t l i n g s h o u l d s t a y i n t h e o l y m p i c s i t s s u p e r c o o l a n d y a h

  • Wrestling is the original olympic sports.

    If you think that wrestling isn't a sport then you have some mental disorders or something. Wrestling is a different style of mma. Wrestling is one of the only individual sports, that you can mentally and physically wear down your opponent. Not only do you have to be in great condition, the best sprinter can not last a full 6 or 7 minute match with that of an average wrestler.

  • Original sport of Olympics

    I'm not sure how the Olympics can be the Olympics without wrestling. It was one of the main ancient sports of Greece and Rome. I'm guessing they are pulling it cause people don't watch? I'm not sure how the Olympics can be the Olympics without wrestling. I'm not sure how the Olympics can be the Olympics without wrestling. I'm not sure how the Olympics can be the Olympics without wrestling.I'm not sure how the Olympics can be the Olympics without wrestling

  • Yes it should

    It was one of the original sports in the modern day Olympics. It was even done in the Greek Olympics. Whats the point of taking it out? And theyre adding squash into the Olympics?! This has to be a joke! Your taking out an original sport that has existed for thousands of years and replacing it with this?!

  • Its really not a sport

    Wrestling really is not a sport. I don't think so anyways. Its just a bunch of guys throwing punches and drop kicking other guys whereas other sports in the Olympics such as track have personal scores. And many people don't even watch/play/do wrestling anyways... So yeah there ya go... Smiles!

  • It all depends how you look at it

    Many people say wrestling is a sport' and i can see were they are coming from, it may be entertaining but' if you think about it logically it is really not a sport. Were is the fun of wrestling'and fighting its not a sport i will reconsider to everybody. But sport not a sport i will say it is a waste of time just seeing 2 man beat each other up.

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