• Its a horrible idea!

    This is a terrible idea! I understand there are some children that are behind (in many countries, Schools have actually been closed due to lockdowns), But this is absurd!
    Sorry but how many children want to go to school on a weekend day? If that were me I would be fuming! It was my chance to be with my family or go out and have fun! What next? Making them go to school all summer, School at Easter, School at Xmas :( Let them have some fun and enjoy life.
    After a year like this i'm sure they need it!

  • Bad things can happen

    If Saturday classes should be enabled there would be troubles
    And how will we be able to meet with our family members
    We will not be able to rest for the other day, Do our homework
    And also read our books, Wash the plates, Bowls etc. . .
    How will we run errands for our parents

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