Write an debate in favour today's generation technologically advanced but morally less advanced

  • Yes they have the tools that past generations do not

    Hunting skills are not useful if all of the wildlife is contaminated look at the zombie deer. You cannot eat that meat and that stuff just contaminates everything.
    Your best bet would be to grow your own food. Most old people are smart and store food but what they fail to realize is that the food nutrition and taste degrades over time. And even if you are safe in canning there is always a small risk of botulism with stored food.

    Believe it or not a millennial hippie would have better chances of surviving. They can grow food in hydroponics and use renewable energy. If they replaced weed with food they could grow fresh produce on the spot.
    And they will not fight and deal with less aggression and fighting because they are emasculated. Look at those ranch owners fighting over any simple land dispute. I want to stay away from a trigger happy over aggressive fool. He will just bring doom to those around him.
    It was like in the episode of the Simpsons Apu the vegetarian store owner was thriving in the environment.
    I would rely on solar and wind energy rather than using coal energy and give off smoke and the tell tale smell of combustion. I would rather grow organic food than to rely and old food and possibly contaminated wild meat.
    You people are too full of yourself because you do not even have medical training and knowledge and rely on antiquated technology that will be rendered useless by this new world.

  • No, I will not write a debate.

    People are stupid. That doesn't need to be debated. Technology is a crutch for these dumb little shits of the modern era, And when the power goes out, They're all going to eat each other. That's because they've forgotten that they're just stupid animals and have no clue how to survive in the wild, Led alone muster up food for themselves.

    Shit's gonna hit the fan man, Be prepared.

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