Writing a paper is the most boring thing ever

Asked by: crushboy79
  • It's so boring

    No one can disagree with my own opinion, because it's a self interest question.

    One can become boring with just writing a paper. Can you just write a paper nonstop without pause and doing another thing?
    In our state of mind, we could be easily bored if the thing we do are :
    1. Not Interesting
    2. Not Dynamic
    3. Effort not equal to Benefit
    If one write a paper without the quality of these three thing, Maybe, One will survive from the "Boring"

    In the Con opinion, mostly said that there are a lot more of the boring thing than writing a paper. Now, i challenge you to write a paper, are you feel bored? It's not right to compare to another activity, because the level of boring cannot be calculated as level 1, level 2, etc..
    THank You :D

  • No it is not

    There are a lot of things more boring than a paper. Such as going to baseball or basketball game, watching a little kid show, listening to opera or a musical play, and walking. So those are just a few things more boring than writing a paper. That said, writing a paper is very boring, though there are more boring things

  • Think of it this way:

    If you fully understand the question or topic that you will be discussing, writing the paper shouldn't be that boring. When I am writing papers where I fully understand what it is that is being asked of me, I feel a sense of motivation in myself. The sense of motivation is more along the lines of confidence. That is why I do not find them boring most of the time.

  • Nah, not really.

    Such unqualified universal statements are almost always wrong. You can always think of something worse (or at least in most cases :) just caught myself).

    More boring than writing a paper:

    Being forced to count exactly how many grains of sand are in a 10-lb bag. (If the bag is full of sand. If not, then this job is significantly easier.)

    Or: having to play every note on a 10,000 key concert grand piano.

    Or: naming and dying every hair on your forearm (assuming you have forearms and that they are reasonably hairy.)

    No one reasonable will answer yes.

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