• It depends on the "type" of intelligence

    By watching the wwe every Monday and Thursday I learn quite a lot. Between listening to the Syracuse graduate commentator Michael Cole, the language of Damien sandow (2012-13) some words have been added to my vocabulary. Also my intelligence of wrestling as a business has grown, between the business side, creative side, and the historical side.

  • It could somehow.

    As a WWE fan, I have increased my vocabulary just by listening superstars speak whilst they cut a promo. It had greatly helped me to improve English. And If you're not down with that I got two words for you. Believe It. And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

  • There is no connection

    WWE is an entertainment business; and not a quality one. It is not a sport, neither it is artistically significant. There is no way in which watching WWE can improve intelligence as it does not enhance any reasoning amongst its viewers. In fact, I think viewing WWE is detrimental to one's intellect.

  • No not at all

    Watching the WWE will NOT improve anyone's intelligence. They are sports entertainers and it is entertainment. A person can only learn is how to e a good sport(or not) and respect. To say that a person can improve their intelligence through watching people bash each other in the head is ridiculous.

  • Watching WWE does not improve intelligence.

    Watching WWE wrestling does not improve intelligence in any way. There have been no studies showing links between watching any sport either in person or on TV and intelligence. WWE has no content that could reasonably be expected to help increase intelligence, and should be viewed purely as a form of entertainment.

  • How could it possibly do such a thing?

    I see no point in fighting constantly in an enclosed space just so people can jeer at you. If your intelligence isn't already pretty low, then wrestling TV shows or tournaments will most likely make it even lower...

    ...Unless you're smart enough not to watch people smacking each other all day.

  • Watching WWE does not improve intelligence

    WWE watching reduces intelligence and does not contribute to anything positive in the mental attributes of anyone. WWE stories take advantage of stereotypes and perpetuate those ideas into the minds of their watchers. The stories have no intrinsic worth to them, and for the most part, the moral of their stories suggest that everyone should steal, cheat and lie to acquire what you want and then backstab your neighbor if they don't say or do what you want. On the rare occasion that there is a hero, eventually that hero becomes a villain and does bad things as well.

  • Not even a little.

    I would say that if anything watching WWE will actually make a person less intelligent. I am not saying that it isn't entertaining and fun to watch certain characters but that is all it is, entertainment. All a person can learn from watching WWE is showsmanship and how to work a crowd.

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