• Yes, I Do At Least

    I'm a 24 year old man who loves professional wrestling. For those of you that assert "intelligent people don't like WWE," you are entitled to your opinion, but an English degree is a nice achievement for someone lacking intelligence. I'm not going to argue that it is a deep thinking program, but I will say that there is far more involvement into the craft then people tend to realize.

  • Of course they do

    I think this question may seem a bit disrespectful in itself by implying the possibility that WWE or even wrestling fans for that matter are not intelligent people. Professional Wrestling is simply a brand of sports entertainment and I think, absolutely there are tons of "smart" people out there who find enjoyment out of it.

  • wrestling is fake

    Wrestlng is fake, intelligent people do not like it, most of the people who like wreslting are younger kids, it is obvious that is it not real , grown men running around in a wrestling pretending that they are really fighting is not fun to watch , mabee for kids .

  • Actually, I'm in middle.

    Actually, I'm in middle, but to think of it, it is more for artist not for geniuses. Injuries and accidents happen at WWE that make it more hard to watch and be entertain of it. Still intelligent people watch entertainment, maybe not often but still they are watching WWE entertainment.

  • It is for the low class.

    No, intelligent people do not like the WWE, because intelligent people who want to see theater go to the real theater. The WWE is for people who are not smart enough to figure out how ridiculous it is, and they spend all of their money to watch theater. The finances of the people who watch WWE are poor. Their watching WWE is reflective of their poor choices in life.

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debate_power says2014-09-22T19:30:16.207
This is another ridiculous troll poll, as far as I'm concerned.