• Yes, it will continue to be exciting.

    Yes, it will continue to be exciting because there are so many great wrestlers participating. People will continue to spend money on tickets and the wrestlers will perform at the highest level. There is no reason any of the excitement should dissipate now. I would recommend going if you are a wrestling fan.

  • Yes it will.

    Fans of the WWE will continue to be entertained by the WWE Survivor Series. The series is entertaining beause of the dedication to their job and the high quality standards that his series upholds. As long as they continue to create unique and interesting characters and plenty of action it will continue to have fans.

  • Absolutely it will

    There is Potential New Storylines After Goldberg Squashes Brock Lesnar. Baron Corbin will apparently target the entire Cruiserweight division.
    After taking out Kalisto and Brian Kendrick, resulting in a rather disappointing finish to a Cruiserweight title match that had a lot on the line, the next step for Corbin seems to be a role as the “big guy who doesn’t like Cruiserweights.” It’s nothing that we haven’t seen before, but hey, at least it will give Corbin something to do.

  • When was it?

    I don't especially see that this was ever exciting? It is athletic enough, but scripted 'sport' doesn't really seem like a sustainable way to stay engaged. At some point, it has to surprise to entertain, and this is not something that does. I'll take my chances with Jersey Shore II: The Death of Standard English.

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