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  • WWE Survivor Series a waste of time

    The WWE Survivor Series is a waste of time, and I will not be watching. Wrestling has been shown to be fake, with the outcome decided beforehand. Therefore, there is no suspension, as there would be with a normal sporting event. Wrestlers also use vulgarity and boorish behavior, which I do not wish to hear.

  • Not planning to watch the WWE Survivor Series

    I've never been a big fan of wrestling - I believe that the sport is far too dangerous to enjoy comfortably. Because of these feelings, I am extremely unlikely to watch the new WWE Survivor Series, which seeks to take the sport to new, violent heights (or depths, as the case may be).

  • It has little value.

    There are many better things for a person to do with his or her mind than to watch WWE. Children who watch WWE don't learn the different between truth and fiction. They begin to act violently. There are other things on television. Besides television, there are more positive things that a person can do with herself.

  • No, I did not tune in to the WWE Survivor Series.

    Oh boy! I don't have much of an opinion here other than to state it would be highly unlikely I would view a professional wrestling event unless I was bored to death and there was only one channel on my television. As far as pay-per-view, that would make it even more unlikely!

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