• Too Soon WWE, Too Soon

    The WWE reference to the MH17 tragedy was offensive mainly because of the timing rather than what was actually said. It is similar to the joke that Jason Biggs got picked apart for in the sense that the words were not terrible but it is in extremely bad taste to joke about a tragedy while it is still being mourned and the wounds are still very fresh

  • I found it offensive

    This tragedy is being referenced to and completely in poor taste. That the WWE would allow such an awful act, we all know it's all pre-planned and staged, is very offensive. WWE is not unknown for controversy, and I guess all tragedy's are up for free game to these writers!

  • What do you expect?

    As previously said WWE is fake and what is said is fake, yeah sure people may be offended but what's said is just to stir the community and the general public. It has entertainment in the WWE for a reason to entertain, I sure was entertained haha, anyone agree. A little :)

  • WWE-MH17 not offensive

    The WWE is fake. Anything that comes out of it or the mouths of these people is simply ridiculous. The wrestler is Russian, obviously using the recent tragedy for gain is not appropriate but consider the source. By condemning his words, we are feeding into his insanity and thus barring him is right to free speech.

  • Tacky, but expected

    There isn't really anything out of bounds when it comes to WWE characters, and nobody should be surprised. It was tacky, and it won't improve anyone's opinion of Lana, but then it wasn't meant to make anyone like her. She isn't there to be liked, she's there to be a villain. It would have been better to avoid the reference, but it wasn't offensive.

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