• Play station sux

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  • No, the PS4 is better.

    I strongly prefer the Playstation four over the Xbox as a gaming system. However it is important to note that most people are going to be a fan of a certain system. it usually has nothing to do with whether or not the gaming system is actually any better then the other. It is just a preference.

  • Play Station 4

    Play station four is the superior video game system to X Box one. The PS 4 has better graphics and the internet capabilities are far superior to the X Box. The overall user experience of the PS 4 is better than the Microsoft product and that makes it a better overall fit for gamers.

  • No, I Have Always Preferred PS and Will Stick With Them

    I have always preferred PlayStation since the PS1 first came out. I am used to the controllers, I like the game play and I am familiar with the software. I don't have a lot of XBOX use time, but have heard that there are software and connectivity issues and have never experienced that with any PS product, so I will continue as I have for over a decade and stick with the Sony product.

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