• #Xbox4Lyfe is awesome

    Xbox is the best system ive ever bought so im not biased b/c ive played on ps3 ps4 xbox 360 and xbox 1 i honestly think that xbox can be the best system ever ive played fallout 4 and stuff so if it can handle fallout 4 greatly tnak it is my favorite and im not beig BIASED

  • PLAYSTATION i dont need to explain

    EF VWE T TS EVETRA VR ZVW 3 R 3W R raw et ewt av t tzw v ew tw tt wzt twe tvz e stsz z je wj aZJ f sfsje fsjze j ezje fv s fjzev sefz sv f sfvzsuefzvesfzkkfefzkusfzsegfsge sv e vsefhzsfv zhfsv fv fvsef fvefe vfefev

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