Xi Jinping rejects anti-globalization ideas: will Trump continue to attack economic globalization?

  • Trump will pull U.S. back, but how far?

    It certainly appears Trump is sincere in his desire to move the U.S. away from a globalization posture and favor more trade deals and resource independence. China, of course, opposes this. They are a top 5 importer and export and benefit greatly from the reality of a globalized world. We will see what the Trump Administration ends up doing, but the U.S. will no doubt pull back at least to some extent.

  • Trump will always attack globalization

    Globalization was not created by Librals or the far left, it is a result of free-market practices that most countries, including the U.S., Europe and Asia, support. To think that globalization is something cooked up by the Chinese or the left is ridiculous. We have to accept it or change the free-market.

  • He has an agenda.

    Trump thinks that globalization is bad for American businesses. He ran for President to serve as a pro-business President. He also intends to get a lot of work done while he is president. For this reason, he'll keep doing what he does, which is to attack economic globalization. He thinks he is being a leader.

  • Yes, I think so.

    As we are aware, China as well as its friend North Korea care and Pakistan care a tuppence for human beings .All the three nations are rogue nations to shake the world according to their choice.We also know that the USA president has recently been elected and we do not know how far he would be able to assert himself in the diplomacy.Then, worse is coming to worst. For the present let us watch America's stand on the global issues.

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