• I am starlord

    To be honest with you Jamal, You are an idiot. First of all, You were the only person here that didn’t know gamora was motherless since childhood until she shoved it down your gut. Second of all, You couldn’t shoot a bear three feet in front of you your hands are so sweaty and stinky. 3rd of all, Your so fat, Thanos would need to snap his fingers twice to wipe you out of existence

  • When was the last time you watched marvel stupid!

    1. ) gamoras mommy was dead before you knew she existed
    2. ) Loki should kill the joker now
    3. ) you can’t do gamora’s mother because she is dead and her father is also dead
    4. ) Star lord thinks your ignorance is amusing
    5. ) the only reason why star lord is on your side is because he hates joker more than you

  • I’m not stupid LOL

    Hello I’m jamal and I’m not a stupid idiot like Donald trump mainly because I’m not white and I’m not old LOL I feel so bad for his kids who have him as a parent. Lol and all you guys can do is cry about my spam LOL happy crying

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