Yahoo hacked by 'state-sponsored' group: Do you trust sites with your personal information online?

  • Don't Have Money

    I trust sites with my personal information simply because I don't have much that anyone can take if they ever were to be able to infiltrate my online accounts and such. These breaches do not happen very often and I do not have a lot of interesting information either anywhere.

  • Any information online is out there for the world to see.

    Personal information is no longer private when put on the internet. To trust any site with valuable private information is to take a risk. A risk that the information will be found and distributed. There are certain measures taken by companies and online sites which is helpful. To put 100% trust and faith in anything online is foolish.

  • Sites cannot be trusted with personal data

    Websites cannot be trusted with personal data. Anyone that puts their personal information online is taking a big risk it will be stolen. Many companies and organizations that thought they were keeping the information safe found out otherwise. This includes banks, leading retailers, and even tech company Yahoo!. The DNC saw its e-mail hacked.

  • No, I don't trust internet sites

    No, I don't share my personal information on the internet because it is not safe. Hackers can break any site they want to. Even though many sites don't make people's personal information public, hackers are able to enter their archives and take what they need. On the other side, I think that no one needs my personal information, since I am not a famous nor publicly important individual.

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