Yahoo in transition: Should Investors remain confident that Yahoo will transition successfully?

  • Yes, Yahoo has held a strong position among social media

    Yes, investors should feel confident in Yahoo's transition. This social media giant has maintained stellar status over the years despite the fluctuations in the economy and changes in the surrounding environment. Investors should feel confident that they are investing in a company that has a reputation for consistency and maintains a high level of presence among the social media giants.

  • Yes, investors should remain confident that Yahoo transition will be successful

    Being one of the heavy weight search engines, investors should only expect the best from the giant corporation. Yahoo is not the first multinational company to undergo transition. For instance, Apple successful under underwent managerial change when Steve Jobs was no longer available to spearhead the company into the future. As such, that the investors should remain confident that all will be well with the transition.

  • I dont think yahoo will bounce back.

    I don't think yahoo is a very strong contender in today's market. It would appear as though there time has come and gone. I say this with a fair amount of confidence for the most part, with other companies like google emerging clearly as a driving force. I would bet that gmail has ousted yahoo mail by great numbers as well. R.I.P Yahoo!

  • A company of the past

    Unfortunately, Yahoo has probably had its day. Despite all efforts, revenue continues to fall on advertising. They might be selling more, but to do this they're having to reduce the price they're able to charge. This looks like the beginning of the end for Yahoo, and anyone looking to invest will probably look elsewhere.

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