Yahoo may be changing it's name to Altaba: Should the company change it's name?

  • Yahoo needs a big change

    With the turbulent reign of Mayer as CEO and the recent disclosures of extensive data breaches in last few years it makes perfect sense for Yahoo to change its name. The goodwill that the name carried has been tarnished and thus has little value any longer. With a new name they could advertise that it is a fresh start.

  • No, Yahoo needs to keep its name.

    Yahoo is one of the leading search engines worldwide. Yes, it might not be as popular to consumers than others, however, changing the name will not benefit the company. Because Yahoo is a leading search engine, many people know what it is. Brand name recognition is essential to the company because people can easily access websites. If Yahoo were to change its name to Altaba, people were not be familiar with the new name. I understand the counterargument that the new name might appeal to people, as they would believe that their company is changing. However, I believe that the recognition is more important.

  • Name brand recognition too valuable to change

    Yahoo is a recognizable brand. True, being a recognizable brand is not helping Yahoo out currently with its troubles in the media, but the media coverage will pass. When it does, the company will want the level of recognition from the public that it has had in the past. The solution for Yahoo is not to re-name itself, but to find leadership that is capable of radically changing the company's culture and mission similar to what John Legere has done with T-Mobile in the telecom industry.

  • No, i disagree

    I strongly disapprove Yahoo's name being changed to Altaba. This is because it make Yahoo loose its meaning, clients and ordinary people will not have much interest like before. This is because the name always carries everything. Personally, i like that name, "Yahoo" and it is famous. Altaba is an ugly name.

  • No, Yahoo should not change its name to Altaba.

    No, Yahoo should not change its name to Altaba. Yahoo is a company that has enjoyed many years in the public spotlight and is known worldwide. It would be an unwise business move to change its name to Altaba. It would also be a thoughtless move considering many people have Yahoo bookmarked in their internet browsers.

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