Yankees wife-swap: Should the New York Yankees players that swapped wives be able to stop a movie being made about it?

  • Yes, you have a right to the story of your life

    Because a baseball player's professional life is in the public domain does not mean that players must give up all privacy. Your life story is yours to tell or not and to sell or not. If the people involved in that private story don't want it to become a movie, no one has the right to make that movie. If the movie makers are dying to tell a story about a wife-swap, they could easily fictionalize it.

  • Invasion of privacy

    This movie would be a clear invasion of privacy. In these days of constant attention and social media bullying, people should have more control over their own image so they do not have to let a movie be published about them. This is true especially if it might open them up to ridicule.

  • People don't have a right to stop people from making movies about them.

    People should have a right to stop anyone from lying about them, especially if the lies are harmful. However, they cannot stop other people from making movies that tell the truth about them. Otherwise, any time we wanted to make a movie about a real event, we would have to get permission from everyone involved.

  • Movies are not real

    The Yankees players can complain all they want about them swapping wives, but one thing they cannot prevent is trying to stop a movie about it. As long as the movie makers don't mention real names, and change the story a little bit, anything is fair play. If they did not want anything about this, then they should not have done it.

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