• We forget over the summer.

    Being a high school senior, I can account for the many years in which I came into school at the beginning of the year with less knowledge than when I left. The first few weeks were always review in which very little was accomplished. If there was even one or two classes a week to go to, schools would be able to teach more.

  • Children Learn More

    When they have a longer period of study. I support the idea of year-round schooling because it not only improves the child's academic ability, but the schools performance rate. Wouldn't you want your child to improve and get better scores? Of course. That's why in many studies conducted for year-round schools, they always have higher test scores than non-year-round schools.

  • Wtf why the heck yes?

    Year round school is like serving a life sentence in prison! Whoever asked this does not know kids need to relax. School all year. I can't believe anyone wiuld even think about it. I cringe thinking about it. School year long. Yeah, F that. Wtf, Why yes? I say no.

  • Year round school is a bit much

    Now, before you just say i'm some ignorant 14 year old kid who just wants to be lazy and do nothing all day, I actually have a family and work full time. That being said, I think year round school is excessive, especially in the summer. Kids will need breaks, just like *ahem* adults can have as well. Today, standards have ramped up drastically, and kids sure seem to have more to do than we did 20 years ago. For instance, my daughter asked for help with her balancing equations worksheet. I was never taught that anywhere in school. So of course, I looked it up, and saw things I never saw before. Putting all of this year round, come on, whats wrong with a vacation, kids don't need to put up with just waiting for the school day to be over in the summer. Now, my kids start school in about 2 weeks. I do agree, kids should be learning, but how about they have their own options. Teachers give them summer homework already, isn't that enough? And, if it helps, I work at a hospital full time, and am allowed to substitute at schools if needed, as I have a degree in medical and education.

  • We need a break

    We need a break. Kids like me get bored of school this could lead to bored of school and not wanting to learn. Missing to much days also, if we had year round schooling how could parents and kids go on vacation? Exactly most people enjoy summer vacation, so they swim and stuff.

  • It would be a pain

    The schools would need more resources for teaching, because there are more days that resources will be needed. Kids will also get bored and forget everything. It would just waste a kid's childhood and cause mass-suicide of the mentally weak. We need to keep summer around for this very reason.You are only a child once, and year round school would ruin it for them.

  • Children need a break.

    Year round school would not significantly increase learning potential. Children need a break from the rigors of academia to pursue other interests that are just as important to social development and well being, such as sports, hobbies, or summer camp. Forcing children to attend school year round would likely only lead to educational burnout.

  • There Will be No Benefits

    Children now and days have short attention spans. We are trying to educate them, not bore them. If they have no breaks, children may become frustrated, drop out rates may increase, etc. In the end it will not be at all beneficial. Kids will probably began skipping more. What about family time? Students already get punished for missing school and if it's year round?? Students will have have MANY absent days.

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