Year-round school: Are year-round schools a good idea?

  • Education is good

    I think we should have school all year round because it gives kids a good education. Also it helps with test scores. The kids also get smarter because they have extra time in the grade. Its basically a head start for the next grade. Thats why we need year round schooling

  • Year round schooling is good.

    Students aren’t getting the best education they could. This can be fixed with year round schooling. Right now, school starts in early September and ends in late June. Summer Break is in between. This is the time where students make a transition to the next grade. This isn’t enough to give students a successful education! Year round schooling lets students have time for family activities, have a better education, and prevents stress. To begin, students will have time for family vacations that they wouldn’t be able to do with regular school. This is because they will have time off in all four seasons. Therefore, making vacations will be more convenient for families. 2ndly, it will give more time to do family chores. Family activities will be easier to incorporate into the year with vacations and chores. To conclude, family activities are important and can happen more often with year round schooling.

    Next, year round school will give a better education. 2.6 months of math and 2 months of reading skills are lost over the summer. After that, there is more time to practice and study work to improve your mark. Finally, year round school is proven to improve test scores. This is because it balances the amount of schooling and days off to make sure student won’t forget what they learned. For example, without school over winter/spring break, students lose knowledge for the upcoming test. Year round school will improve student’s educations and give time for more practicing work.

    Finally, year round school will give a better education. Lastly, year round school will lower stress levels. For example, students will have more time to do homework with a full week. This will allow students to have time away from work and not having school always revolve around their lives. After that, students will have more time to relax. This is important because with the time of relaxing it will help children and teens be happy in and outside school. For example, after finishing their work, they can enjoy something between reading a book to just lying down in bed. Year round school will lower stress and help students with work. To sum up, year round school will lower stress for students and has other benefits. All schools in Ontario must be year round.

    To begin, year round school will give more time for family activities. Next, year round school will give a better education. Lastly, year round school will lower stress. Do you really want students not to have a full and successful education? This can be fixed with year round schooling.

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  • Year round school is good!!

    It makes children more responsible and they can learn more because the teachers are not having to take time out of the school year to re-teach things that the children forgot over the summer. Parents love it too because they do not have to pay for child care in the summer.

  • It is good...

    Affirmative Arguments and Evidence:

    Students lose two months of education, taking until mid November to fully get back to the level of learning they were at the past June with the traditional calendar.

    “In Williams Lake though, the most striking testimony comes from the students themselves. Twelve-year-old Shawn Shaw was limping along with a low-C average until Glendale went year-round. He smiles shyly when asked about his current grades: ‘I'm doing pretty good now, I'm getting Bs and B-pluses. I was having trouble with the multiplication tables and when I came back I was just shocked that I remembered them; I thought I'd have to relearn everything.’”

    “The common belief is that a three-month summer break contributes to students forgetting what they have learned the previous year. The result is that teachers need to review material at the start of the next school year, wasting valuable instructional time. A review of 39 studies confirmed that summertime learning loss, specifically indicating that student test scores drop over summer vacation and that mathematics performance deteriorates more than reading performance (Cooper, et al., 1996).”
    --- edweek.Org

    “Irene Griffith has been teaching at Glendale since 1962. She's seen principals come and go and she remembers trying to keep Norman Carrier in line when he was a boy. But the most exciting change in her career was watching the way her students responded to the new schedule. ‘I think the difference between one month away from school and two months is a big one for kids. In particular, I remember one little boy whose reading was very weak; he was the type who would like to be out pushing cars in the sandpit rather than sitting in school learning.’ When Glendale went to year-round, Griffith thought that she'd be facing all the usual problems that come when a child spends his summer on the monkey bars and away from books. ‘I said to myself, Oh boy, here we go, we'll be in review with this child for the next few weeks. But in seven minutes, he was back to the reading skills he'd had when he had left a month ago. Before, you never really thought that there was an alternative to reviewing--it was just something you had to do. Now I ask myself how on earth we could ever have wasted so much time on it.’”
    ---Grescoe, Taras. "School in July." Canadian Living (North York, Canada). March 1995: 77-80. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 04 Mar. 2015.

  • It's not all bad

    Everybody les summer get in your decision you get months worth of brakes at a time i say its good plus its for your education to have year round school i wonder if i went over to the no side it would all be about dumb summer yes i love summer but id rather be off for months at a time than days

  • Dont take summer;

    If you take kids summer then they will not want to go to school and they will just drop out and have no education. The people that dont have a summer wont get a summer job because of the year round school. They wont be able to go on family vactions

  • Year round school is bad idea

    To much to do short day to finish my work , we have to
    break our time to relax ,which would result in many drops , and round school would have negative impact on student wouldn't be very encouraging. They deserve to enjoy there summer Some students work over the summer to save up money for college , so with school being year-round , they wouldn't get that opportunity , i think that working during holiday is not good for students cause it fact at they will not get fun at holiday so when they came back to school they spend their holiday working not relaxing and know spend a hole of time at studying .

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  • Kids need breaks

    Kids have freedom from school work during summer vacation. They don't need to be bossed around all year long. They need time with their families, not at school where we are with our teacher longer than our parents. Kids need breaks from learning. They should have a vacation, not a long school year.

  • Year round schooling is a bad idea!

    I believe that year round schooling is not right choice, for many reasons. If you don’t know, year round schooling is when instead of having a long summer break, you have multiple shorter breaks at different times.
    If we had year round school you could drift apart from your friends, from other schools. Another flaw to this idea, is that its hard to schedule vacations. When you have a long summer vacation you have more time to go somewhere fun on vacation. If we had year round schooling you wouldn't get the long summer vacation. But this is not only bad for kids, but for teachers as well. On a website called they interview a teacher named Virginia about what it’s like working at a year round school. She says: "It was really hard to get involved in the work because as soon as you geared up, you had to gear back down again.". So as you can see from what Virginia said, this is not only bad for children but for teachers as well.

  • No year round school would put stress on students,

    Over break its a time to be a kid and without summer, then kids would be stressed on only school because that's all they would have to be focuses on school. Because that's all they would be doing over, and over again each year with only 2 weeks to get school supplies for the next year.

  • No year round school

    As a student now, I totally disagree that year round school. When we will get breaks with our choppy schedule? When will we have free time any more? Or what about summer?! Summer is the best part of the year so far. Don't change to year round school! Its not a good decition

  • Year-round schooling a BAD idea!

    As a former student, year-round schooling sounds very stressful! For both the teachers and students because they'll need a break sooner or later so taking that away will make everyone pretty stressed out since they can't relax often. So if schools changed schedule everyone will be stressed. So they shouldn't make year-round schooling a thing.

  • All year around school is dumb...

    Although students and teachers may have longer breaks throughout the school year, in most of the states, it is cold outside during the majority of the school year. Who wants to be on break for two weeks in the cold? Wouldn't you rather have a long summer break that you could spend recharging outside in the sun? All year round school causes kids not to be able to fun things during the summer because: A. End school year late B. Go back to school so early.

  • Kids get motivation from summer break

    Kids need time to relax and have fun after they do all that school work for eight months. Think of the temperature in the school during the summer! It would get ridiculously hot and many schools would get out of school early because of the heat anyway. During the school year, kids look forward to summer break, so they work hard. They deserve the break after all of that work.

  • Students need time away from school.

    If we do year-round school, then students will get bored. We students need time away from school where we can go about our daily lives, hang out with pals, and have free time in general. THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE FOR A YEAR ROND SCHOOL. I hope this argument has changed what you think about year-round school.

  • Year round school is not a good idea

    Hm. Great evidence and opinions so far. Let me add some more. First off, ill start with opinions and logical reasons. As a student myself, i feel that we need a long break to recover from the stress of school. Second, just because the break is long doesn't mean we (the students) will forget things and even if we do, we can practice or look it up. Third of all, a recent study of 39 shows that year round school has little to do with academic success. (Cooper, et al, 2014) ((Cooper is not my name in case you were wondering. You probably weren't, but still)) Also, students need to get out for longs periods of time (summer break) to experience real life situations so that we are prepared for the real world. Not knowing what to do in life will make anything but school confusing. I look forward to the new comments.

  • To many problems with year round schooling

    Teachers and students both need a break. Without long summer breaks things will get out of hand and fast. We should spend our summers doing fun activities and taking a break from school work. Also, the budget will go up with the cost to provide food, utilities, and other things that are provided for the students in year-round school. That is why year round schooling is a bad idea.

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