Year-round school: Are year-round schools a good way to deal with over-crowding?

  • Year-round schools would be a good way to deal with over-crowding.

    Year-round schools would be a good way to deal with over crowding.With year round schools groups could alternate attending school so every student could get the same amount of attention from parents and other relevant adults.It would also allow them recreational time while they can retain learned knowledge and information.

  • Year-round schools are a good way to deal with over-crowding

    Year-round schools are a good way to deal with over-crowding. This is because of the fact that during off season, many students that would otherwise be in school are seen taking up the streets, parks, and other public places. This is overcrowding, and if they were in school it would be less crowded.

  • Yes if you split up attendance

    If you have schools open year round but each student only goes a part of the year then yes it is a great way to deal with over crowding. This allows the school to teach more students and not have to worry about always making more room for new students.

  • Can't stand it at all!!! I need a break honestly!!!!! 180 days of curriculum are enough!!!!!!!!!

    When kids get too much schooling in them, they tend to feel like school is like trash because they don't get the summer break they deserve. If students get breaks, shouldn't teachers get it, too? Win, Win here.. I'm honestly fed up with that idea even though I have never been in a year round schooling facility but all in all KIDS AND FACULTY NEED A BREAK!

  • School all year round gross

    It is stressful for kids to be woke up and your parents saying "it is time for school honey." 57% of parents, students,and teachers say it is a bad idea. I mean kids are all ready getting good grades. Every one needs a break from school. I really think you need a break too.

  • Just be better schools

    Making school year round won't solve issues of overcrowding, just as rezoning and redistricting segments hasn't made things any better, either. Right now, schools simply need to live up to the expectations of these students and their parents and adapt to the changing times, allowing for the populations of these classrooms to flourish the way they are.

  • Year round school will not fix or hinder over-crowding

    No, year round school is not a sufficient way to deal with overcrowding. Whether or not students are in school year round or have a break in summer, it would not effect the number of students that are required to attend school at any given point in the year. Overcrowding can only be fixed if more schools are built or existing schools are enlarged.

  • Simply a band-aid solution

    While utilizing a year round school schedule may briefly relieve overcrowding, it is only a stop-gap band-aid solution. A year will never get any longer regardless of what our needs are and eventually even a year round school schedule will face the same over-crowding the current schedule faces. We must focus on proper distribution and use of resources; not extended schedules.

  • No, Year-Round Schools Will Not Deal With Over-Crowding Effectively

    Year-round schooling will have no benefit to solving the over-crowding issue. Year-round schooling will only benefit all students if buildings, staff, and resources are appropriate for every student. Over-crowding can best be dealt with by seeking alternative methods to educate children, such as community partnerships or learning experiences that occur within the community setting rather than the school setting. Children and adolescents have different learning styles, some of which are best supported outside of the school setting. For example, setting up a partnership with a local college or marine center or community-based business in order to educate a child who is interested in learning more about a specific profession or topic, giving them the opportunity to learn in a setting that is experiential and valuable. Providing students with opportunities to learn in the community while still meeting academic goals and graduation requirements will better help solve the over-crowding issue, while providing students with experiences which will enrich their academic careers and hopefully set them on a path to success in their careers.

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