Year-round school: Do year-round schools favor student achievement?

  • Year Round School Supports Achievement

    I believe year round school schedules do favor student achievement. If a student attends school year round and takes their breaks in smaller chunks, then they are less likely to lose the information they have learned in class. I think this helps students achieve more and learn in a more linear fashion.

  • More Memory Retention

    Year-round schools foster better memory retention in students. Instead of a 3-month vacation in the summer, year-round schools can have three-week vacations once every three months (once a season). The impetus for summer break is no longer with us--kids had to come home to help their parents on the farm. With automation and large mechanical tractors, summer break is no longer necessary. Plus, urban schools rarely have kids that work on a farm anyway. Let's stop the tradition of summer break and give kids the education they deserve!

  • Year-round schools do favor student achievement.

    Year-round schools do favor student achievement. There is less time during the summer to forget about everything that they learned the following year. Pretty much the beginning of the school year on the regular calendar is spent refreshing or trying to get students back on track. I think year-round schooling prevents this.

  • Yes, year round school is a good idea.

    We no longer live in a farming community for the most part and so the whole summer off of almost three months just makes no sense. Kids forget what they have learned and parents have to arrange for care. It would be better to have school all year with litle breaks here and there.

  • Yes, students lose too much in the down times.

    I believe students lose too much in the down times of school. From what I understand students can lose several months worth of their previous grade during summer break. This means that the first couple of months of the new school year are focused on re-learning what they forgot over summer break.

  • Yes, year round is better

    I think that year round school favors student achievement because the student don't have a chance to forget what they have learned. Also they will be on top of the things they should know because they are going to school year round. Year round school is such a good program for student achievement that I think that they school have that in every state.

  • Big money papa

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  • Less Loss of Education

    While on summer vacation, most children fail to retain all of what they have learned in the previous school year. If a child is in school year round with minimal breaks between, the retention of the information learned will be greater. Year round school helps children achieve academically without the need for months of review for information previously learned.

  • No, they stifle creativity.

    No, year-round schools do not favor student achievement, because students need a break to have a chance to pursue other things. Students need to have a break so that they can take advantage of other things, such as learning independence at summer camp, or learning how to work hard through a summer job.

  • No, year round school does not favor student achievement.

    Year round school does not favor student achievement because students need a break from school. If students were always in school they would get burnt out and would not preform as well in class and on homework. Also, many high school students work during the summer, which is important for them to earn spending money. If they didn't have the summer to work, they might work during the school year, which would give them less time to study.

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