Year-round school: Does year-round schooling help the at-risk?

  • Yes it might.

    I don't really agree with year-round schooling in general, however, it may possibly help students who are "at-risk". It would give these students less time to get in trouble. Long stretches with no school, like summer break, could cause some students to get bored. Boredom can lead to bad behavior for some.

  • Year round school helps all students

    Yes, year round school helps the at-risk, but it also help the rest of the students as well. Having school year round with small breaks will help student retain information that is taught. When there are long breaks in schools large amounts of information is lost and must be re-taught when they return.

  • Yes, year round school helps at-risk.

    Year round schooling keeps a certain population of kids off the streets all summer. This can do nothing but help those children. An idle mind is a dangerous thing. To many young teenagers are out wondering the streets all summer and developing into future career criminals. This needs to stop.

  • Yes, they are better off.

    Yes, year-round schooling helps the at-risk, because the at-risk do not often have strong parents at home. These children are better off having somewhere to go than being at home either without supervision, or with inappropriate supervision. This comes at a price, because most students are better off with a summer vacation, but at-risk students are not.

  • Yes but still not worth it

    There are some benefits to year round school. It does keep at risk youths centered and away from possible problems outside of school. However the toll it will take on all kids including at risk is too great. The educational process would not really work in a year round setting.

  • It will keep them supervised

    Even though I do not think year-round school is very good idea; I do agree it will keep those certain at-risk kids much more grounded and give them the extra supervision that they apparently need. It could lead to them getting in less trouble and less of a chance for them to be on the streets.

  • Year-round schooling helps the at-risk.

    If at risk kids are at school all the time, they are less likely to get involved with drugs or gangs. Their teachers can make sure that they are not getting into trouble. Obviously, at risk kids need constant supervision, or they will fall into bad habbits and get into trouble.

  • Year round school

    As a parent I believe it would. I find in the summer we have many more instances of children wandering the streets with no parental supervision, hanging down at the park getting into trouble. If children would go to school year round... With short breaks in between sessions, I think there would be less instances of children getting bored for 3 months straight and getting in-trouble. I also believe that they would improve academically , there would be less time in between where skills are not used.. They tend to forget thing that were taught last year. I know my children have also fallen to this.. So we practice for an hour a day all summer long so that they keep everything fresh and have less trouble getting back into the routine of learning.

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