Year-round school: Will getting rid of summer vacation be tolerable?

  • Harsh reality americans

    First of all who cares if children are arguing this issue in the first place they have no jobs and don't work all they have to do is sit in a classroom. It may come as a shock to them but real life and jobs does not come with 3 month vacations the entire summer every summer. Kids especially high school students need to come to terms with working when they don't want too schools have AC so no argument about warm weather and no one in urban or suburban schools farms. You can call me what you want but I am entitled to my opinion. I agree with short breaks here and there sure but 3 months is ridiculous. This is one of the reasons a lot of the world thinks we are a joke seriously.

  • Kids need breaks

    I was a student in the YR schedule. I loved the little breaks. My family could take trips during those down times. I got a small break from the constant pressures of schools. Summers didn't seem to just go on and on. We spent less time reviewing material from previous years. Now, as a parent with kids on traditional scheduling (and with new policies like truancy), I can't decide to take my own children for a day anywhere. We have to limit family trips to only two times a year...The same time as EVERYONE ELSE. This makes the family vacation much more expensive, more time pressed, and less relaxing. Taking my kids out for doctor appts or needs to handle other errands involving them runs me the risk of having the authorities on my butt when I could have just had the break periods to do these things.

  • Have Four Three-Week Vacations Instead

    Getting rid of summer vacation is tolerable because most modern schools have this magical device called air conditioning. Most buildings have the innovation as standard equipment now. Summer vacation was originally so kids could help their parents on the farm during the warm months. That doesn't seem to be a viable reason for urban or suburban schools to miss three months out of the year. Yes, more tax money will be needed. However, year-round school is the only way America can compete with the rest of the world on an educational level.

  • Our students need summer school

    Yes, getting rid of summer vacation is acceptable. Our children are falling behind in education compared to other countries. When students are given such an extended break, a large amount of information gathered during the school year is lost. Summer school helps students to retain that information. Other countries no only have school during summer, but they also have Saturday schools as well.

  • There Are Still Breaks

    When school systems switch over to a year-round school schedule, they are still allowing for breaks in between sessions. This can vary between each school districts decision, but you often see two or three week long breaks between sessions. I think this is helpful in making the transition tolerable, while at the same time strengthening the students ability to learn.

  • Spread the break out

    I believe that it will. I have some experience with year around school. You still get a decent break in the summer time to do all the summer vacationing that you normally do. Personally after about a month of summer break I was bored and ready to go back to school. I feel that by spreading the breaks around the year the kids will stay more focused and will allow for more vacationing as a family, since parents cannot normally get off four weeks in a row but can get off maybe four weeks a year to take family trips.

  • You could just do 6 week 2 week breaks

    I believe that 6 week 2 week breaks will be nice because children will still have time to play and children will not have the summer slide and 10 more days won't be a problem because kids won't notice it.Kids will also have time for stuff on the 2 week break then come fresh on the day that ends for 6 weeks.

  • All breaks should be removed forever

    Every single day must be school day, for 24/7. Break is most pointless thing ever. We can be smarter by overstudying 24/7. Christmas break too. So remove, before it's too late. Again. Overstudying will be continue until 18. Summer break is the worst invention ever existed. We better be off without it

  • Summer break is too long

    Summer break is too long, all it causes is needless review. I only recently graduated high school so I believe I have the best input. Summer break does need to happen though, however it should only be a month long, students do need a break. A month break is long enough and the missing days can be given as days off, three day weekends, which everyone loves.

  • Kids these days are idiots.

    When I was in 8th grade I was taking Algebra 2, while some kids struggled to even comprehend algebra 1. I believe that year round school would make our kids smarter and America better. Students who are struggling can simply hire a tutor! I other countries such as Japan new innovations are being made daily, make their tech light years ahead of ours. In order to have a better, and smarter America we should have year round schooling. So we can have less vegetable brains and more Scholars who are doing something with their lives.

  • They need a break

    They sometimes don't like being in school anymore and their gades drop and summer relaxes and refreshes them with better grades. They also need to get rid of stress and the best time is during summer break. Most kids don’t like school so they at least have something to wait for and breaks make less stressed people

  • Breaks are Needed

    The problem with year-round school is that kids need breaks. Learning year-round would get them worn out and tired, and I don’t think that switching to a year-round system is a good idea. It eliminates the most critical thing that any HUMAN a could have: A break from agonizing stress.

  • No way!!! Are you kidding me?!

    You are right. I am also in 6th grade, and parents/teachers don't understand that we students need a break. Either they forgot how it feels like to be on school, they didn't go to school, or they're just plain mean people. A break is necessary not only for kids, but for teachers as well. Don't forget that teachers also have to stay in school for as long as students do. Teachers need time to organize their lesson plans, and a day or two simply isn't enough. They need a break. Sometimes, teachers feel like they need more than the 3 months given to them. This is why there should be a summer break.

  • School is ruining kids!

    As a student my self I strongly believe the corrupt school bored is trying to get rid of our summer! We need breaks! The reason why kids hate school is because our school is too long. This year our school started on JULY 31ST!! I honest think that the school bored is crazy!

  • School sucks! Kids need breaks!

    Kids all over the world need a long break to relax, hang out with family and stuff like that. It important not to kill kids will learning. They should enjoy the hot days as they can before there gone. So keep school the way it is. Summer break! Summer break!

  • They'll cry, but do it anyway

    As a child I loved my vacation, but as an adult I see how spoiled, entitled and lazy it made me. "What do you mean when I get a job theres no more vacation?" Suck it up young me. There's no vacation as an adult it's 365 days of work a year, and kids need school to be job practice. After all, the average human is useless unless they're a well oiled cog in the system right?

  • Children and teenagers need breaks just as much as adults do.

    Adults forget the difficulties teenagers and children face during their time as students. There is constant stress of failing since there are so many challenges and new things coming their way. Students wake up too early for school, they learn things that they can barely remember since they're so exhausted and going to bed early is hardly an option with the piles of homework and projects. Plus the teachers tell you that if you wish you succeed you must study for hours and hours. Where in all of this will kids and teenagers have time for sports, friends, family, volunteering, part time jobs, chores and time to relax? What happened to wanting children to enjoy life? Did adults really get so selfish that they want to deprive children of their only downtime in a chaotic world?

  • This is foolish

    Why we must get rid of summer, without summer we would have a lot of stress we would have long term psychology problem.Kids need breaks.................................... .................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • It makes students stressed out

    In 1904, Bluffton, Ind., became a pioneer in year-round education when it incorporated a four-quarter schedule into one of its schools. Soon, extended school calendars started to spread across the United States, but World War II halted the movement because students were sent to farms and factories to work during the summer in order to help the war effort.

    It wasn’t until the 1960s that the idea of year-round education was revived when Park Elementary School in Hayward, Calif., became the first to implement the system since before World War II. Today, Park Elementary remains the longest-running YRE program in the United States.

    In a Niche survey of more than 800 users, the results show that class start dates are pretty varied in the United States today.

  • Learning is important

    Yeah, the kids will stay in school longer to learn more, but eventually they will get bored and uninterested. They will stop learning and lose knowledge! If they have vacation, they are refreshed and ready for more school. But it is really unfair to the children that they want to take it away. Did you ever think about that?

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