Yellowstone volcano: Could fleeing animals predicate eruption?

  • This has happened time and time again

    There have been hundreds of cases, where animal behavior has shown a horrid event to come. How do you explain all the animals suddenly moving inland before the Japan Tsunami? Or even how dogs often bark and hide before and around the start of a thunderstorm? This is not the only evidence backing up claims an eruption is on it's way. While it might not necessarily mean an eruption, something bad is bound to happen at Yellowstone is all the animals suddenly flee.

  • They could, yes.

    The fact of the matter is that the animals fleeing yellowstone might be an indicator that the volcano is soon going to erupt. And, to be quite honest, that is very, very creepy. OF course, there could be several other reasons as to why this is taking place. I hope it isn't the volcano.

  • Yes it could.

    Animals do a number of odd and weird things as they can sense when something is going to happen that humans can not. Although it might be a volcanic eruption that will take place, something is going to happen that will affect people somewhere. Also the video has been debunked as it's explained they are running into the park, not out of the park.

  • Yes, fleeing animals could predict an eruption

    It has been shown in the past that animals certainly possess a sixth sense to when there is discourse in nature, and therefore animals fleeing at Yellowstone is a definite sign that there has been some movement that is causing them alarm. It should be taken very seriously to prevent mass loss of life, as an eruption at Yellowstone could certainly have catastrophic results.

  • Fleeing animals are no indication

    Animals have an uncanny ability to sense natural disaster, this is fact. However, scientists have already come out and side the animal behavior at Yellowstone is not unusual and does not indicate and unusual natural phenomena. The buffalo that were migrating are not fleeing from any impending disaster. Those rumors are unfounded and highly unlikely.

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