Yemen hospital becomes fourth Doctors Without Borders facility hit with explosions in past year: Are these attacks all random accidents?

  • Yes, these attacks are random accidents.

    Unfortunately, during wartime, innocent civilians will face attacks, and many will lose their lives. The Doctors Without Borders group has lost four hospitals in recent years due to friendly fire incidents. There is no evidence to believe that a government would want to bomb a hospital helping the sick and injured. Therefore, it is likely that these were just tragic accidents.

  • It is targeted.

    These absolutely terrible attacks are not random. They are most definitely targeted, and they prove the ruthlessness and heartlessness of the attackers. Any group that would go after injured people and those who are trying to help do not deserve any mercy when they are found. We need to take these attacks very seriously.

  • No, the attacks on hospitals in Yemen is a conscious effort by the government to win their war.

    Attacking hospitals is no accident in the Yemen war. Government forces purposely target these institutions in order to produce fear in the minds of the opposition forces. These attacks convey the idea that the government is willing to do anything to win and that they will stop at nothing to destroy their opponents.

  • No, they are being deliberately targeted as the military forces believe the hospitals are hiding terrorists.

    With all the technology available in modern warfare, there is no excuse for such random accidents to happen so regularly. The military responsible for this destruction know exactly what they are targeting and justify their actions by claiming they are hiding places from terrorist groups who think they are safe within a hospital.

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