Yes for roblox and no for minecraft choose which one is better.

Asked by: jdudeace
  • Yes to roblox

    Ok then... Minecraft may be "better" than roblox: as some of you guys have been claiming... But listen here kids... I've done the research and have found that roblox was made before minecraft. So before you jump to conclusions, talk about how minecraft was actually make. Ad honestly, what looks better roblox or minecraft? Anyway... I think i will end this debate now... Bye dudes

  • Yes and no

    Roblox is a very fun. You can change you're character and it has an endless number of growing games. And I know you'll argue about how the same thing for minecraft. But rob lox has its own unique experience. And so does minecraft but roblox seems a little bit more unique.

  • Yes roblox is better.

    Yes because the graphics are way better and the game play is more epic. Roblox changes on the seasons and the events happening in the year. It is also sponsored by different and famous companies and this is why roblox is better and if you have never played roblox play it free at roblox.Com.

  • Statements made by the side of favor make no sense

    First of all, I really don't care about this topic, but I have nothing else to do, so I'm doing this. Now jdudeace, according to your profile you are 17 years old. So you're around 11th or 12th grade right now, and you're run on sentences and failure to provide reasoning for you're statements make me wonder what our teachers are bringing in to society.

    Now, BatmanRektsNubs, I applaud you for reasoning beyond you're statements, use of complete sentences(unlike jdud over here), and recognition of jdud's poorly executed statements and then challenging those statements with real and factual statements.

    With all considered, I don't want to take the side of an ignorant senior against a reasonable and factual statement, one in which I agree in. This causes me to shift in the side of opposition which states that Roblox is not better than Minecraft.

  • Microsoft owns Minecraft.

    You say that Roblox is sponsored by famous companies, but Minecraft is owned by one of the top companies in the world. As a whole Minecraft has a much bigger fan base and reaped profits.

    On the graphics point, you can change your texture pack in Minecraft to make it better.

    Minecraft caused a massive shift and brought sandbox games to the level they are now. There is a ton of servers in Minecraft with different mini games and experiences.

    Now on to the money part.
    To buy Minecraft you only have to pay once to make it worth your money. In Roblox you have to buy the builders club membership for the game to event more worthy.

    On Minecraft you can build a 16 bit computer. That is the unmodded part. If you mod the game you can make hang gliders, Godzilla and even get Pokemon.

    This is my opinion on why Minecraft is better than Roblox.

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