Yes, go to pricey CPA that left his wife and 9 children (youngest 4yrs) No, I would not go to him based on principle

Asked by: D0ct0rT
  • If he does the job:

    I am not a man to be so bold as to judge the moral standing of others or the ethical value of their actions and lives. Though I may not approve of his actions in concept I cannot produce reason against him in theory because I do not know why he made these choices and honestly he is to do my taxes not to be my rolemodel therefore I feel that there is no need to inter my own feelings on him as a man.

  • Deadbeat father/unfaithful husband

    He is an experienced and intelligent CPA, his wife put him through school, they have 9 children together ages ranging from 18 down to 3 or 4 years old, he left family for a new girlfriend. Where is the commitment? What happened to his vows? He told his girlfriend that has 3 children of her own, "We will only do this once" (leaving our husband/wife)

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