• Yes is better than no

    Yes, As a word means to affirm something it is the word of confirmation that really seals in something, In a world without yes we would be miserable all the time yes is also a great word for making people feel better or worse, I truly think that yes is the most important word that there is.

  • I miss the YTP age.

    Robotnik had a golden execution of the "NO! " line. Sure, M. Bison's "YES! " was also great, But that was mostly because of the triumphant music. Robotnik's "NO! " resonates even without music, So undoubtedly "NO! " is more powerful than "YES! " Yes, The word "NO" is completely and utterly better than "YES".

  • No is important to.

    No is a way of disagreeing with something or someone. You need to think for yourself. Say no to your parents Say no to the government. Can you imagine if you never said no to your parents if you only said yes? If there was no no we would all be slaves.

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