Yes or no: Children should go to the spouse that made the most financial income?

  • Well Fed and Stable.

    The antithesis for this argument is that money doesn't equal love. Well. Just because a Father/Mother makes more doesn't mean that they are incapable of bringing emotional stability to the child. Not only does higher income provide a better standard of living. Depending on the parent. A higher income can also provide a more stable emotional environment.

    In this world social status is mostly defined by monetary value. Being raised in poor economic conditions can do very serious damage to the self-esteem of the child in question. Therefore I suggest a minimum income for child raising. If both parents make this limit then the ruling should be unweighted by economic conditions.

  • It's logical in the economic world we live in today

    Children need financial support to grow as an individual. The very first moment there's a child produced the parents are immediately billed. There's money needed for food, baby supplies, and even schooling in some cases. Some cases are unfair and give custody of the children to the spouse that shouldn't even have responsibility over the child. We're living in a fast past world that's ruled with money. This would be fair for both males and females. Feminists are constantly stating that women are independent enough to create their own money and MGTOW members are saying marriage is a trap because it's a trap for women. I believe this would be a fair way to settle the score and produce stability in marriages.

  • Money has nothing to do with it.

    Financial income does not raise a child. If only financial income is important than any institution that has enough money to pay for material needs of an child could be a parent. Children have emotional needs that are much more important than financial needs. In the case of divorce, child should go with the parent who is more involved is child's growing up and who is psychologically more capable of raising a child.

  • Other factors at play

    I think that children should have the right to choose who they go with. They should think about how loving and supporting the parent is and how much they like them on top of how much money they earn and other factors. Most children would not want to be with a parent who has a significant amount of money, yet no heart or brain to match

  • Children needs parents love

    We could say that money is everything nowadays. But for a kids, they'll say that parents love is more important. That's why a spouse with the most financial income doesn't really helps. Children want to be loved by parents, not by the money. If they go to the spouse with the most financial income, will they be happy with those money? I don't think so. Children raised up with parents love and care, not with the money.

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