• It's better to have premarital sex.

    Sex is a big desire for a lot of us, but the idea of "no sex outside of marriage" restricts it to where people would just marry someone for the sex alone. Premarital sex isn't a taboo anymore, so why not make the best of it?
    Think of premarital sex as a test driving a car. If you drive the car before you buy it (have sex before marriage) you'll know whether the car is a keeper of not. But buying a car without test driving it first (not having sex until married) makes is very hard to deduce whether your car will be a good ride or would break down before you drive it far. I'm pretty sure you wanna test out your car before your buy it.
    I came up with this metaphor, and I believe it fits perfectly with the "sex before or after marriage" debate. ^^

    Also, unsatisfying sex if one of the lead causes for divorce.
    So, have sex with your partner before your marry them.

  • I think its the person's choice

    I honestly don't know why this is a debate because of the simple fact that it is not against the law to have sex before marriage. Yes it says in the bible that sex before marriage is a sin, but not everyone follows that and not everyone is a christian. Honestly, I wouldn't have sex until I was ready and I think thats what's more important.

  • Wait until marraige

    Sex is too good and too important to trash it. It's too beautiful to throw away to multiple people. It's too emotional to render it meaningless. There isn't a single good reason to have sex with more than one person. It just makes people sad. The only "upsides" are you get to orgasm (maybe) and it's considered "cool." Those are pathetic reasons. Just go jack off and meet some chill friends. All other reasons I've heard have been thoroughly debunked. It just ruins and hurts and makes sex into some trashy, cheap, emotionless act. Which is so sad because sex should be romantic and intimate. People who wait until marriage (BOTH the husband and wife are virgins on their wedding day) are so much happier, more satisfied, and have significantly lower divorce risk. People who preach waiting until marriage are NOT anti-sex. If you wait, the sex is more satisfying, and you'll have sex with your spouse more frequently. So we're really PRO-sex. We just want loving and happy sex between two people.

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