Yes teacher should be responsible for held students performance

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  • No no no

    You can take a horse to water, But you can't make them drink. Even with teachers that give students every opportunity to succeed. There will still be "rebel" students that like to defy, And students that just don't care. Teacher shouldn't be held accountable for those students filled with ignorance.

  • Answering for the doings of others. . .

    There are far more agents that go into a student's education than the teacher alone.
    Https://psmag. Com/social-justice/books-home-strongly-linked-academic-achievement-82144

    The absolute most effect agent in a student's education is parent involvement and how much a parent values a child's education.
    Https://www. Publicschoolreview. Com/blog/parental-involvement-is-key-to-student-success

    Overall, The best research states that a teacher can only influence student achievement, In the best circumstances, By 10-15%.
    Http://www. Shankerinstitute. Org/blog/teachers-matter-so-do-words

    Ultimately, A teacher's ability to help a student is merely the cherry on a sundae. There are so many other factors, Such as screen time (tv, Video games, Etc), That influence the child's motivation and behaviors that the ability of the teacher to stem that flood is beyond their ability. Education requires a village, Not an individual, And ultimately, That student has to want and be motivated to learn.

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