• It makes students more calmer and active

    Yoga and meditation are one of the top activities that make a person healthier active and calmer
    It also helps us in focusing on are studies more
    A research has shown the people who do yoga and meditation on daily basis are more tend to do difficult things. Yoga And meditationshould be taught in every school

  • A waste of time and a farce

    Kids are allotted about 45 to 50 minutes of PE. Depending on the school. They also have recess and a lunch break. Why do you want to mess with the schedule?
    Something will either be cut or more time will be added to school schedule. I think PE would be better because they can spend more time exercising and actually being active. There is an epidemic of obese children and yoga will not help them lose weight. Doing old exercises will.
    And then mediation is a no go. If you took prayer out of schools then why should the children be forced to learn some eastern practices that are religious in themselves? My old school used to have reading time where the students could read anything they wanted in private. That was a very quite and mindful time. Meditation is a pseudo science and reading would better. You are not getting smarter meditating. And reading would actually be better because you can develop empathy reading.

    TLDR Running and actually doing fun activities outside is better and will build confidence and social skills.
    Meditation wastes time when students can read and actually build their minds and grow emotionally.

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