• YES grills hate nice guys

    YES, Grills hate nice guys it is impossible i tried so hard but in the end it doesnt even matter so je je basically pesticidies noose weapons ye ye ye ye ye ziemniak z okra w sosie curry oh india jd kruwa no mowie ze sie nie da xD xD

  • What's wrong w/ nice guys

    As a girl, This isn't true at all. Most guys are stuck-up and in my opinion, Use girls for their bodies. At least with nice guys they actually care about you and your opinions, If you think that us 'grills' hate nice guys then go back to you are incel reddit page

    Posted by: kjm
  • Because not all girl hate nice guys

    There are alot of girls who hate nice guys, Yes but not all. Liking a nice guy depend on the person. Being nice is also one of the reson why girls fall inlove with nice guys. Liking a cool guy doesnt always ends with a smile. There are only few nice guys in the world, So if you meet one of them make sure to cherish and protect them

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