You deserve to be treated by god like you deserve to be treated by humans. Gods superiority doesnt change your actions.

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    You deserve to be treated how you have treated others with some exceptions like justice or revenge which are almost just like each other. Because that is how you earn your rights. We all have the right to not go through things we dont want to go through. So if you put someone through something they dont want to go through then you deserve to be put through something you equally dont want to go through if not worse as turn about is fair play. Right and wrong are all about what is fair. It is unfair to treat someone in a way they dont deserve to be treated whether your god or a mere human. If there are two people that are innocent to the present time and one decides to hurt the other one for his pleasure this is unfair because it gives that person an advantage in the game we call life. This wouldnt be fair to do in a game and neither would it be in life. To say god has no right and wrong ways of treating us is like saying we deserve to be treated how he wants to treat us and what he wants does not determine what we have done with free will and what we do is what makes us deserving and determines what we deserve and nothing else does this. What we have done is the same whether your superior to us or not so your superiority doesnt change what we deserve

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