• I am very religious

    I believe that I am a literal spirit child of my Heavenly Father. I believe that God created all of us. If I truly believe that, I shape my life differently than I might otherwise. That said, We can say that we are not strictly human beings with spiritual experiences but spiritual beings living the human experience.

  • There is a big difference.

    Religion is an organized system of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. It is based on following something that other people tell you to.

    Spirituality is a personal experience with something that changes your life.

    You can be spiritual and believe in something greater than materialism, without following any organized religion.

  • Just as you don't have to be a sportsman to practice physical exercises

    One can argue that religion is a more organized way of spirituality, in a sense that there are in it some dogmas and important references. Thus, spirituality would be a form of touching with some other-than-physical level of humanity in a less formal way.
    Therefore, the both concepts can be separated and also can coexist in a person's way of living.

  • Spiritual but not religious

    To be religious and spiritual are completely different. Being spiritual means believing in a divine power without subscribing to a specific creed, and to be religious, one must be a member of an organized religion and actively practice it's traditions and hold the beliefs of the creed. I personally would consider myself to be a spiritual not non-religious person.

  • Spirituality and Religion are Inconclusive to Each Other

    This appears to be an argument centred more around definitions that individual perspectives and opinions. Religion is, with regards to this debate, the ritualisation, dogmatisation and institutionalisation of spirituality.
    By this, I mean that religion takes the notions of spirituality, that of a higher entity, meaning or purpose, and channels that into a very specific belief system. Therefore, an individual can be spiritual, and can believe in some further force or meaning, without subscribing to any particular faith or religion.
    The question that comes out of this is that is all religion spirituality, and if not, at what point does this change? What do you guys think?

  • Essentially the Same

    Spirituality and Religion are concepts that essentially amount to the same thing, and the only separation comes from those who intend to discuss the semantics. Saying that you do not subscribe to an officially organized religion does not excuse you from the topic of religion, it means that you are basically antisocial about your religion, or you simply lack the conviction to stand by one set of beliefs. Whereas spirituality means that you believe in the supernatural, and is the common go to expression belief in a higher power while also maintaining a nonconformist attitude. The two concepts are linked, whether you admit it or not.

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