You really think everything came to be from one bacteria spec!

Asked by: ReyCola2
  • Common sense People!

    Look around you, You seriously think that all of that started with one cesspool of microorganisms given to life from space ingredients in asteroids and evolutionized into everything we have now. No! That’s ridiculous and the math backs it up.

    Really, What happened to people, America was so much nicer when people ACTUALLY went to church, Now crazies run the show

  • Realize that Religion shouldn't eclipse the facts.

    Yes we all came from one cesspool of micro-organism. I guess this is a problem that won't be addressed by religious folks because science contradicts Genesis, But please I'm not asking you to become atheists, I'm just saying that Science is proven and there is no legitimate evidence for the Bible or other religious texts, Just word of mouth has past Religion down as true and you have to believe those before you. TLDR; Science is proven, Religion is not. Keep that info in mind.

  • Evolution Is Practically A Fact

    I won't waste my time going in-depth on how stupid young-Earth creationism is. Please go back to High School and learn basic biology. If you think you're smarter than 95% of scientists, You're a moron. You lack a basic understanding of the fundamentals of modern biology.

    Go back to school.

  • What did the bacteria come from?

    What would the bacteria have come from? I believe there must be some higher power, God, Or guiding force to the universe in order for the earth as we know it to have occured. I do believe in evolution though, To some extent. But I do not think humans come from ancient simple bacteria

  • No, Origin of life probably came from chemical reactions.

    You can look around you and observe chemistry everywhere even where there is probably no life. The problem with science as of late is Marxist subversive culture hijacked the scientific community on the basis of progressive thinking. This means that science was once a disinterested impartial pursuit of explanations and now has become a method by which to confirm your beliefs such as the transgenderism campaign. There were also symptoms of subversion when homosexuality was ingrained into fashion and culture, But it was less pronounced in the media at the time and very normalized now.

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