• Young and disrespectful

    Yes, and in this day and time young people don't care about respect for you, the elderly, women, or simply no one. I have seen it with my own eyes and it is not good. I have seen young men walk around with their pants sagging, no respect for no one.

  • Yes, it's getting worse

    I'm only 26 but already see the younger generation as not knowing what it is to respect your elders. I was always taught exactly that, to respect your elders, nowadays it seems to come down to "why should I?" Or "only if they respect me.." That's not the way it works, and not the way I was always shown.. Fair enough if you don't like someone personally, then simply don't like them! But do it respectfully and with a little class. Life can be hard and sometimes harder for others at some time, but there's not much in the world today that hasn't already been seen, most likely from an elder you know. Sometimes it's better to nod your head and say "yeah ok then" and go think about it' rather than trying to find the argument in the situation and trying to figure out why you should be/will be right... And sometimes you are 100% right but out of "respect" you may need to concede and not be so right..
    Yes there is a lot more information available today and maybe it's true that today's generation is "smarter" than yesterdays, but nothing compares to life experience and when it comes down to it maybe respect is that, maybe you know better but you keep it quiet so you don't shame your aunts up or you don't yell out the correct answer over your uncle or you don't Argue with a decision your mother or father made. Maybe it's as blatant as "you're wrong and I'm right" but still out of RESPECT you take the moral higher ground and keep quiet this time...

    Or maybe I'm living in the past and times are changing....

    Sorry in advance for anyone this offends (maybe it's the few drinks I've had tonight talking) but it's not aimed at any one person or group, just something I think has been happening today (but hopefully not in the near future...)

  • Yes, but it's still different.

    Yes, I think that today's young generation respects authority, at least most of them do. I think that the way young people view authority in 2013, however, is very different from the way young people viewed authority in, say, the 1960s. I think that with new technology etc., kids feel they can get away with more things, and a lot of the time, they can.

  • As much as they ever did.

    The problem isn't with a lack of respect for authority, it's with a lack of authority. Kids today are brought up thinking that taking one good spank and being told 'That was wrong and disrespectful, don't do that.' is abuse. Parents are so afraid of what society might think of them that they have been disgustingly lax in disciplining their children. If a child is raised thinking throwing a tantrum will get their way and they own the house, it really isn't their fault that they think authority figures are there to cater to their whims. So, yes, I believe today's youth do respect authority, they just have a difficult time discerning who, exactly, is in charge.

  • It all depends

    I am so sick of that ignorant respect your elders b.S. Smart people say respect others but don't take any abuse from anybody! It's very disgusting how so many still believe in that respect your elders abuse in 2017!

    You may as well be telling your youngsters to respect Hitler. Nobody in their right mind cares if that's not what you're implying!! You also may as well be teaching your youngsters to bully/exclude. Again, nobody in their right mind cares! And you have the nerve to wonder why my generation has just as many disrespectful people as yours!!

    Let me rephrase that last part. My genertion in my opinion isn't much better, nor is it much worse than the older generation, however your generation is just as bad but mostly in your own kind of way!! You're ignorant way if thinking is a bery good factor of why only some of my generation don't have enough respect!! But I do know plenty of even young people, even some of the older ones where I live, who are respectful!!

    Also, I have learned that more elementary and middle school students are learning about respect, empathy, and compassion! I'll bet that many of them are learning the right way!! Whether you like it or not that abusive expression will be obsolete someday!
    The more you tell us to respect our elders the more we will not want to listen to you!! Quit your complaning and get over it!!

  • Blame the Baby Boomers

    A lot of elderly people born after WWII today complain about how young people (including their own children) don't respect their authority, forgetting that they, the baby boomers, themselves were the root cause for the collapse of superior-subordinate relationships during the 1950s and especially the 1960s in the West, when instead of protesting against the abuses of authority of the government, they protested against authority itself. Everything that was valued as sacred, taboo or revered whether it be religious or secular concepts or ideas was torn down and vilified, before being resurrected into what we see today amongst young people and their attitude towards their society and its authority figures. It's because of this "progressive" revolution that students here in Australia can more or less get away with disrespecting or outright bullying their teachers to the point that many teachers suffer from depression along with other factors. It's especially worse for teachers from outside of the West, who were raised with a traditional concept of student-teacher relations, as students take advantage of that to portray them as evil dictators to their parents, who coddle them instead of disciplining them.

  • Very few of them

    It's ok, if they don't want jobs, they don't have to have them. The employers of the world just won't hire them. The taxpayers will foot the bill for the welfare recipients. I just don't want them being a burden to me when I get to be an old person

  • Society is deteriorating

    But the problem is two sided. Yes kids have been raised with less respect due to changes in discipline styles that emerged in the 1980s and many kids came home from school and both parents worked so kids did their own thing. Also, the internet has provided some information about what authority can and can't get away with. In the past police could get away with more. However, some young people are misinformed about laws and act shocked when they push the line and get tackled and handcuffed. Because they never experienced that before.

  • No respect whatsoever.

    Young people think they know it all. They are argumentive-show no respect-demonstrate poor work ethics-and want the world. Life experience means absolutely nothing to them. In a position of authority myself I find this being a challenge each and everyday. The younger generation will abandon their jobs in anger-- no comittment.

  • 'Authority' is not to be respected; 'Experience', 'Class', 'Self-respect' does.

    Just because you're in a position of authority and can yell loudly doesn't mean you warrant respect. First you have to have self-respect, -then- you deserve respect from others.
    Simply demanding it from other people because they are younger than you doesn't fly in my book. Life experience? The fact that you have watched the clock tick more times than someone else?

  • People expect too much

    For young people they need to be shown that something good comes from the authority, you don't get something out of nothing, prove that it is worthy of the respect and they will perhaps respect it. The younger generation are less prone to take things as they are and are more likely to question why things should be this way. If you don't like something or someone telling you what to do, why should you respect it/them.

  • Younger generations never respect authority.

    It is a generational thing that the 'young' generation is seen as disrespectful and that they don't fear or value authority. It's not indicative of this generation, but just of young people in general. Brain wise, they don't see long term effects as easily as adults and they have little fear. It leads to not respecting authority.

  • No they don't

    No, I would have to disagree that today's young generation respects authority. However, what young generation ever did actually respect authority? I think that disrespecting authority and having absolute carelessness is part of being young. We were once young and most likely did not respect authority. How can we debate this and not be hypocrites?

  • Some, not all.

    Some of today's young generation respect authority but the vast majority do not. Parents do not take the time to teach the proper values to children. Instead, they are wrapped up in work and other things. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for both parents to work with the economy, but children still need to have the parents teach them the values that were taught to us.

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