Your battery status is being used to track you online: Are you concerned about the government tracking your location?

  • Tinhatters have a right to be concerned

    The term "tinhatter" is often used to disparage individuals who appear to be overly paranoid about government surveillance. However, there is truth in their paranoia. It now seems that the battery status of your device can track your online activity. This makes me very concerned because it is just another way (in addition to information like your IP address) for the government to find out where you live.

  • Not unless they want to force me to become a Republican.

    I’m not concerned with whether the government knows my location or not right now. Anything harmful that someone was going to do with such information has already been done to me. I’m much more concerned with what the government plans to take control of over the next decade or so.

  • No, not really.

    No, I am not concerned. Being tracked online has become part of my everyday life. My real hope is that the mountains of data they have to sift through means that they will not pay any attention to me or my activities and that I will not set off any red flags.

  • Not at all

    I'm not concerned about my location being tracked, as anyone with eyes and even google maps can already see and know my location as it is, and I don't go anywhere that I would desire privacy or total anonymity. What I do is another question for sure, but my location doesn't seem like that big of a deal at all.

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