Your loved one is lost in a foreign country. Would you rather they run into a conservative (yes) or a liberal (no)?

Asked by: Kobi_Kobiashi
  • If you were lost in a country you would want someone who understands the country you are visitings culture and customs.

    Almost all countries in the world would be most welcoming of tourists from foreign lands and a conservative would be far more likely to accept you as a guest in their lands like there predecessors would have also to colonial powerers. Where as I wouldn't put it past most liberals to (of you were white) to spit at you and treat you as a foreign imperial white supremacist and start a protest to get you arrested for hate speech and invading and destroying the sovereignty of the local religion.

  • Let us compare.

    In 2015, a U.S. drone strike killed 2 hostages, one American under the Obama administration. Obama did get some hostages released after giving these terrorist nations pallets of cash so they can buy more weapons to kill our men in uniform. Tho hostages were also taken by N.Korea under the Obama administration, it was Trump who got them released without giving them one red cent. He also got that basket ball team released from China after they foolishly stole goods. Look, if you want to go home, get a conservative. If you want to be killed or want our enemy funded, get a liberal. I'm going for the republican but then again, I partial to being alive.

  • Conservatives seem to have a hard time extending empathy to "outsiders".

    Conservatives aren't less empathetic than liberals. However, conservatives are less likely to extend that empathy outside their own group. That's why most social justice warriors are liberals, and why most people who favor mistreating immigrants are

    If my loved one is in a foreign country, then they are an outsider. I would rather they run into a liberal-minded local in that country because there is a much greater chance that person will extend empathy to my loved one, despite being different.

  • True liberal here.

    A liberal. One of me! :D Except one that's a dumb 2010's style one such as an SJW, a hardcore feminist, a C.N.N thumper, a member of PC Culture or a communist. We need true leftism back, not the groups of idiots which I mentioned above. SAVE LIBERALISM! Tradition's dead.

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