Your mistakes should not be shared because they make you less perfect in people’s eyes.

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  • Some mistakes should be shared

    It shows that you're capable of moving past what you've done and that you're able to learn from your experiences. Not being able to extrapolate information can make you look incompetent. For example, you work at a retail store. There's an open box on the sales floor, of whatever good. You can't sell open goods. Do you leave it it there and tell several customers that they can't buy that, or do you come up with the idea that it should be removed from the sales floor? The natural string of logic would be "This is wrong>So this can't happen>this is how you fix it." If you can't do that, and your string of thought ends at "So this can't happen," you look incompetent.

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  • We should be honest..

    But I think a white lie can be very diplomatic. Sometimes the hard truth can hurt other people's feelings. Life is too short. Truth clouds rational self interest and makes us act emotionally. We have to communicate quickly and effectively. Truth is dogmatic. Instead, of dogma we should realize that to err is "human". We have to acknowledge that we do not have access to knowledge so to access the big picture of reality we have to paint a perfect picture. The first step towards honesty is to lie. Speaking words written by the greatest poet of our generation: You have to hide your love away?

    Posted by: fazz
  • What is perfect?

    Everyone has a different version of 'perfect' and so therefore it is impossible to be viewed as 'perfect' by everyone or even anyone. Mistakes also make us human and so they should be shared and not hidden away. I would personally view someone who never made mistakes as imperfect. You learn from mistakes. Also, you shouldn't lessen or think less of yourself because of someone else's opinion.

  • Yes becasue, we human learn a lot from mistakes

    It is very important that we share our mistakes with whoever we can. Its what makes us human so superio of every living animals. Mistakes has so many lesson in it to be learn and teached. Education that we have today are build from many years of mistakes. Still we will make more and more mistakes, and that is a very good thing, as long as we share it with other. That mistakes will no longer be made. Today black and white people are loving each other all over the world, that is one great lesson that we learn from mistakes. The best part about mistakes is that it can be corected either by the one who made it, or by other who came to know about it.

  • There are no mistakes

    Everything has a purpose, and mistakes can create the most amazing things. The guy/gal who made fire was probably really bored one day, and set its (for lack of a better word) primitive caveman clothes on fire, which probably got it a harsh scolding. Then the other tribe members realized the genius, and used it to ward off predators and to cook meat. Many other people throughout history made mistakes and produced something wonderful from it.

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  • Mistakes should be shared

    Nobody is perfect. To err is human. When you shares your mistakes with others, it lowers the burden on his/her shoulders.
    To accept your mistake takes a lot of more courage than to secretly stow it away in the folds of your memory. Only when you recount your mistakes, will you be able to get insight into the underlying issue that went wrong.
    People will start trusting you, when you own up to your fallacies. It would develop their confidence in you. Everyone realize that nobody is perfect; pretending to be one will not take you anywhere.
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  • Who is sharing?

    As with most things, this all depends.

    Obviously, everyone makes mistakes every now and then. For the most part, the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. Vernon Law once wrote "Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson."

    As I implied in my headline, sharing a mistake being right or wrong depends on who is sharing it. It can also depend on the mistake that was made.
    If a close friend confides in you about something they are ashamed of that did not harm anyone else, then you should not betray that friendship by telling others no matter who they are.
    Sometimes, I tell others about mistakes I have made. Many times I do that so they don't make the same mistake.
    Some mistakes should be shared, especially if it is a mistake the person is likely to repeat or caused serious harm to others.

  • Perfection doesn't matter in a true relationship.

    If a person is meant to be in your life, you should be able to tell them your mistakes without worry of judgement. The purpose of a relationship is not to be perfect in the other's eyes. That is simply impossible, for everyone has a different definition of perfect. The purpose of a relationship is to try your very best to show unconditional compassion, understanding and love for the other. This includes forgiving the person when they make mistakes, helping the person to forgive themselves and helping the person to learn from their mistakes. Human relationship without humanity is not healthy in any way and will not last.

  • Mistakes are often beautiful

    We learn from our mistakes, that's something that I am more than certain that everyone has been taught in their schooling career. So why hide them? If one makes a mistake, why hide it? Show people your mistakes. When you do, people will see you for more of an honest person than one who is "fake" and hides themselves in a mask of trying to be "perfect"

  • Everyone makes mistakes

    No one thinks you are perfect even if you do, so you don't lose anything by admitting to your mistakes. What you gain is the respect and trust of those around you to whom you have demonstrated that you are someone who is more concerned with getting things right then looking good.

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